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The Ketogenic Diet

This course will educate you on the Ketogenic diet. A diet used successfully by many for weight loss it also has many health benefits. 
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Overview of the course

The Ketogenic diet provides you with knowledge regarding the balance of nutrient groups in a diet, the food digestion process and how diet can influence health. The course also considers the risks and advantages that diet trends have, and how you can successfully manage weight through healthy eating.

The Ketogenic Diet

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Course features
  • Modules: 6
  • Level: All levels 
  • Study support
  • Accredited
  • Assessments: Multiple choice questions
  • Lifetime access
Course Modules
1. The Ketogenic diet
2. Ketosis
3. Macronutrients
4. Food to eat and foods to avoid
5. Common side effects
6. Sample Ketogenic meal ideas
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Certification included
On completion you will receive a  certificate.