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Vitamin B5 Injections

Advance your clinical aesthetic portfolio and add B5 Injections to your existing practices with our accredited online Vitamin B5 Injections course.
B5 also known as Pantothenic Acid, is a water soluble vitamin that plays many important roles within the body. In particular, it has effective hair and skin benefits.  It is commonly used by Aesthetic practitioners to treat hair loss, brittle hair and other hair goals clients may have.

This comprehensive online B5 Vitamin Injections course covers everything you need to know to offer this popular treatment to clients and is both certified and fully insurable. 
For qualified injectors (IM), there is no practical assessment element. 

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Course Overview

This course is for those already qualified in the intramuscular injection technique who want to add a popular treatment to their existing practices.  Vitamin B5 is now commonly requested by clients who want to improve their hair health. Particular indication for hair loss/thinning.

This Vitamin B5 accredited Injectors course includes all the essential and required knowledge and information required to start offering this popular treatment to clients straight away on completion of the course (insurance permitted)
* There is no practical assessment of injection technique.This course is for product knowledge, safe administration and insurance access for qualified injectors.

Examples of what the course covers include;
  • Health & Safety
  • The Vitamin B Group
  • Legislation & Laws
  • All about Vitamin B5
  • Infection Control
  • The Use of B5 in Aesthetics
  • Sharps Safety
  • The Use of B5 in Medicine
  • Performing IM Injections
  • Doses and Injection Techniques
  • The 13 Vitamins 
  • And more…..

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Injections

  • Manuals/Video/Audio
  • Level: Qualified in the IM Injection Technique
  • Study time: 8 hours
  • IPHM and CPD Accredited
  • Assessments: Multiple Choice Online Test
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