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Brow Ptosis

Brow Ptosis is where the brow droops following botulinum toxin treatments.
Considered a medical complication of the aesthetic treatment its incidence is 1-5%. 
In this online accredited course we cover everything the Aesthetic Practitioner needs to know on this subject, what causes it, signs, symptoms and how to minimise it.
 With lifetime access to course materials it’s an essential CPD investment. 

IPHM and CPD Accredited a digital certificate is awarded on successful completion of the online end test.
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Overview of the course

This online accredited Brow Ptosis course has been developed by experienced Aesthetic Educators who share their knowledge and expertise with you through our online portal. You will have 24/7  access to a wealth of learning resources and can take as long as you need to complete.

Below are examples of what this comprehensive course covers

  • What is Ptosis
  • What is Brow ptosis
  • Signs & symptoms of ptosis
  • Risk Factors 
  • When does ptosis occur
  • Prevention and Minimisation
  • Importance of informed consent 
  • Incidence Rate of Ptosis 
  • Aftercare Client Advice
  • Safe Injection Techniques
  • Client Consult and Consent
  • A botulinum toxin complication 
  • Muscles associated with ptosis
  • Treatment options
  • Why does ptosis occur?
  • References, sources and suggested further reading list………

Accredited Online Course

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Course features
  • Manuals, E-Books and Videos
  • Level: All/Beginners
  • Study time: 2
  •  IPHM  and CPD Accredited
  • Assessments: Multiple choice questions 
  • Lifetime access

Comprehensive in-depth learning resources  developed by our team of Clinical Aesthetic Educators. Beautifully curated manuals for you to download and keep.

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