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Lip Blush and Lip Liner SPMU - One day training Manchester

Lip Blush and Lip Liner SPMU is one of the fastest growing treatments in the UK. It is very hot right now so its the perfect time to train up and offer this treatment to clients. 
The treatment involves the application of safe and specially formulated pigment into the lips to create beautiful and long-lasting lip colour and definition.
This course consists of online learning at home and a one day training day in Manchester. 
We also offer an online only course - please see this option in the Academy course listings.
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Course Overview

To complete the course you will study the theory online and pass the multiple choice question assessment exam. 
We do not kits but we do provide a kit list so you can purchase your own items within your budget and preference. 
Practice at home with your kit and on latex skin while you await your training day. On your training day, bring your kit with you, a live model (we can supply one if you cant). 
Certificates are awarded on the day. Lunch is also provided 
This course is accredited and insurable - however this depends on your current qualifications and experience as well as insurer. Please check this before enrolling and purchasing.
Location - Manchester, Urmston. Amber Bee Beauty - Licensed by Trafford Council

Lip Blush and Lip Liner SPMU

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Course features
  • Home study and one day attendance
  • Level: Beginners and Experienced
  • Study time: 30 hours Theory at home and one day practical
  • IPHM and CPD Accredited
  • Exams: Multiple Choice and face to face assessment in Manchester
  • Lifetime Access
1. SPMU Theory
2. Anatomy and Physiology
3.Skin Types
4. Colour Theory
5. Pigmentology
6. Tools and Supplies
7. Infection Control
8. Health and Safety
9. Legislation and Licenses
10.Client consultations
11. Lip mapping
12. Procedure step by step

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Certification included
Please book onto a training day by contacting the office - hello@advancedlearningacademy.co.uk