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Introduction to Midwifery Certificate

Learn all about one of the oldest professions in the world - Midwifery - in our accredited online course. There are over 25 comprehensive modules including the History of Midwifery, Labour, Associated Conditions of Pregnancy, Antenatal and Postnatal Care and Birth Options for pregnant women. The course also covers Qualifying as a Midwife, Roles and Responsibilities of a Midwife as well as a useful section 'Are you suited to a career in Midwifery'

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** PLEASE NOTE** Completion of this course does NOT qualify you to practice as a Midwife
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Overview of the course

The Introduction to Midwifery Certificate offers learners a comprehensive overview of the roles and responsibilities of a midwife. There are 28 modules for you to work through at your own pace. Written by a Midwife you will acquire the knowledge necessary to help fast track you in your career as a Midwife.
You can access the online materials anytime anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 
Study at your own pace taking as long as you need to complete. Assessment is through online multiple choice questions when on completion you will be awarded with an Accredited IPHM Certificate.

Who would benefit from this course?
The course is suitable for anyone interested in Midwifery.
It is ideal for the following people;
*  Those interested in becoming a Midwife
* Those studying Health and Social Care or Childcare at College
* Those applying to Universities for Midwifery or Nursing training programmes
* Those considering or undertaking a Return to Practice Refresher Course  
Completion of this course does NOT qualify you to practice as a Midwife. This course is for general educational purposes only. 

Introduction to Midwifery

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Course features
  • Modules: 28
  • Level: All levels
  • Study time: 60 hours
  •  CPD and IPHM Accredited 
  • Assessments: Multiple choice questions
  • Lifetime access
28 Course modules. Example modules include;

1.Introduction to Midwifery

2. Midwifery Around the World

3. Antenatal Care and Screening

4. History of Midwifery

5. Cord Blood Sampling

6. Female Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

7. Breastfeeding
8. Care of Women During Labour
9. Postnatal Care

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Certification included