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Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Injections Refresher

Glabellar, forehead and lateral canthus lines (crows feet) are covered comprehensively in this online Foundation Botulinum Toxin Course (Refresher). For qualified practitioners refreshing knowledge is crucial for various reasons. The aesthetic industry is constantly evolving and advancing and it’s a great way to keep up to date. Revisit core subjects and reinforce your understanding on topics such as Botox unit conversion to speywood units. Injection Patterns and off label variants are also provided for the three upper face areas.
Azzalure, Botox and Bocouture are covered comprehensively.
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Overview of the course

Refresh your knowledge and skills on Botulinum Toxin BoNT Injections of the Upper Face.  

Please note this online refresher course does not constitute training in facial injectable techniques. There are no face to face practical skills training or assessing elements to this course.

Below are examples of the content covered within this comprehensive in-depth online Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle refresher course;

  • Legislation, Laws and Licensing 
  • Assessing and Grading Wrinkles
  • Health and Safety
  • Indications and ContraIndications
  • Infection Control
  • Client Care, Consult & Consent
  • BoNT History 
  • Risks and Side Effects 
  • BoNT Pharmacological Properties
  • Injection Techniques and Patterns
  • Dilution and Reconstitution
  • Injection Pattern Variants
  • Facial Expressions and Muscles
  • Aftercare 
  • The Safety and Efficacy of BoNT
  • Glabellar, Forehead, Crows Feet
  • Administration and Storage 
  • Azzalure/Botox/Bocouture 

Upper Face Botulinum Toxin Refresher Online Course

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Course features
  • Manuals, E-Books and Videos
  • Level: Foundation BoNT (Qualified)
  • Study time: 9
  •  IPHM  and CPD Accredited
  • Assessments: Multiple choice questions 
  • Lifetime access

Comprehensive in-depth learning resources  developed by our team of medic educators

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