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Facial Anatomy and Physiology For Aestheticians - Level 3

Knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the face is pertinent for safe and effective aesthetic treatments and procedures. A detailed understanding of facial blood vessels, nerves and musculature is essential to achieve consistent results in aesthetics practice. 
This comprehensive Level 3 accredited online Facial anatomy course also covers the risky areas of the face when performing aesthetic injectables, in relation to the facial bloody supply.
This online course is CPD and IPHM Accredited. 
We have other higher level Facial Anatomy Courses, please see below to choose your level.
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Course Overview

Join us in our online Level 3 Facial Anatomy & Physiology Course. Developed by Nurse Educators the course consists of beautifully curated and easy to follow learning resources. To suit all learning styles the course contains downloadable PDF manuals and Video and Audio Presentations to consolidate your understanding on the subject.
Each module has an end of module multiple choice assessment. Following completion of the end of course  online assessment you will be rewarded with your accredited , insurer recognised digital certificate.

Below is an overview of what this Level 3 Facial Anatomy & Physiology Course covers. We also offer a Level 4 with a Level 5 and 7 in development. The courses content increases as does each level with more subjects added. We usually advise our learners to start with Level 3 and work upto Level 7 - this will ensure consolidation of learning.
  • Why Aestheticians need to know Facial Anatomy & Physiology
  • Facial Zones 
  • Facial Blood Supply
  • Facial Muscles
  • Facial Nerve Supply
  • High risk areas of the face when performing aesthetic facial injections
  • FREE Facial Anatomy Poster 

Facial Anatomy and Physiology for Aestheticians

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Course features
  • Manuals, Ebooks, Videos
  • Level: 3
  • Certifcate Included
  • IPHM and CPD Accredited
  • Exams: Multiple Choice
  • Lifetime Access
1.Why Aestheticians need to understand Facial anatomy
2. Facial Muscles
3. Facial Blood Supply
4.Facial Nerve Supply
5. Facial Zones
6. Risky areas of the face when performing dermal filler procedures.

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Certification included
This course is  IPHM and CPD accredited