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Driving Theory Test Practice - Cars

The best way to pass your DVSA theory test is to practice questions. The current pass rate is only 47.3% meaning over half fail. There is also over 730 different question variants that could be asked for your 50 question test! This is why it is important to thoroughly revise and practice. All of our questions are based on and cross-referenced with the Highway Code.  Reach your destination and pass your multiple choice question test with our online practice tests.
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You will have access to various tests. There are short ones if you just want a quick revision session. Our full practice tests are just like the real thing with 50 questions to be completed in 57 minutes with an 86% minimum pass score. 

Practice Driving Theory Tests

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Test types
Multiple choice questions
10, 20, 20, 40 and 50 Question tests
Based on the Highway Code
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