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Chemical Peel Agents and Acids

Learn all about the different Chemical Peeling Agents and Acids in our online accredited course.
There are a wide variety of Peeling Agents available that can be used and combined as a chemical peel cocktail to individualise the treatment for clients. 
This course aims to develop, refresh and maintain the knowledge and understanding of the Chemical Peel Agents available for use by Aesthetic Skin Practitioners. Developed by Nurse Aesthetic Educators the course has been written to Level 5 standards.
Suitable for students, tutors and current practitioners. CPD/IPHM Accredited.
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Overview of the course

Learn all about the different types of chemical peel agents in this online accredited CPD and IPHM course. Through videos, audio presentations and illustrated workbooks you will discover the wide range of chemical peel agents available to the advanced aesthetic dermatologist. 
Please note this online course does not constitute or replace face to face training. It has been developed and written for the currently qualified practitioner seeking to advance and refresh current knowledge, 
Below are examples of what this comprehesive in-depth online Chemical Peeling Agents course covers;

  • Chemical Peels Overview
  • Polyhydroxy Acid PHA
  • Biochemistry and properties
  • Beta Lipohydroxy Acid LHA
  • Indications/Contraindications
  • Trichloroacetic Acid
  • Types of Chemical peels 
  • Jessner Peels
  • Keratolytic/Coagulants
  • Combination Peels
  • Peel depths and strengths
  • Phenol Peels
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA
  • Other Peels
  • Beta Hydroxy Acid BHA
  • References and Sources

Chemical Peel Agents and Acids (Level 5)

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Course features
  • Manuals, E-Books and Videos
  • Developed to Level 4/5 Standards. For qualified practitioners seeking to advance knowledge 
  • Study time: 9
  •  IPHM  and/or CPD Accredited
  • Assessments: Multiple choice questions 
  • Lifetime access

Comprehensive in-depth learning resources  developed by our team of experienced Nurse Aesthetic Educators

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